The deception of Amazon & Ebay Sellers & China Importing of Floating Lockets.

Posted by Administrator on 11/18/2014
I have been researching floating lockets for the past 9 months and have found a lot of sellers do not know (or lie) about the difference between 316 Stainless Steel lockets and Alloy Lockets. 

 What sellers are doing is hiding "alloy" somewhere in the description. Example on Amazon, I saw in the title "Stainless Steel Floating Lockets" but at the bottom of the page it says "Alloy". 

 Under comments tons of people say things like "Not as pictured" & "Stones are not set as shown". If you have seen them side by side there is a huge difference. Stainless Steel Floating Lockets are smooth with no plating. 

 Alloy lockets are plated and the stones are applied differently which leads to a totally different product. Alloy is more for kids or bulk gifts where you are not as concerned about quality. 

 Our Stainless Steel Floating Lockets are just that Stainless Steel. Make sure this is listed in the title and the description so that you get what you pay for.



Carmen Alvarado
Date: 4/8/2015
Omg! I can not agree more! Btw great service, I will continue to do business with you guys.

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