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Answers to TOP 5 Questions

1. I did not receive a confirmation email

Please check your junk mail. The email is sent automatically as soon as the order is placed. Tracking and customer service responses may also go to your junk mail.

2. My order is stuck in Sacramento

There is normally a 3 business day gap between the scan in Sacramento and the scan in your state. The package is normally delivered within 1 business day of the scan in your state. We only see the same information that you see. Please contact for more info. They prefer to hear from the person receiving the package.

3. I live in an apartment or suite and it says delivered and I do not have it.

If there is a main office in your complex or building, USPS most likely left the package with them. Please check there first, if not call the local USPS to help find it.

4. Product is damaged and I do not want to deal with a bunch of customer service stuff.

Just let us know. We are really easy to work with. Fill out the form below and we will take care of it quickly.

5. I keep calling but no one answers.

Please leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible. 99% of customers email us so our staff is mostly packing orders and return calls and email between order batches. Best bet is to use the form below. We respond normally in 3 hrs or less.

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