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Top Floating Locket Questions. 

What are floating lockets?  Floating Lockets are metal lockets with glass on both sides that open up so you can put in charms and plates and design something that fits you.  The charms float around inside which gives in the name.

 How many charms can fit inside? 

            30mm round locket - 4 to 6

            25mm round locket - 2 to 3

            Other lockets - 2 to 3

            4 x 4mm birthstones = 1 charm

            3 x 5mm birthstones = 1 charm

We suggest 3 charms and a bunch of 4mm birthstones for color. Most customers buy extra charms for different seasons or events. 

 How do I open it?  We sell 2 types of locket.

       Round Twist Lockets open by twisting them counter clockwise.  Make sure when tightening them to twist them 4 full turns.  They can feel closed so double check.

      Magnet Lockets - These are all other shapes.  These open like a book and hold by strong magnets.  Use your nail to find the edge and it will pop open.

Do I have to have a plate? No, these just add to the beauty, block out colors that might be on your clothing, and fill in space behind the charms which reduces movement.  Plates only fit 30mm lockets.  They do not fit other brands or styles of lockets.

Will the lockets tarnish?  Our Stainless steel lockets will not tarnish.  Alloy lockets and chains that are silver plated are tarnish resistant but may need to be cleaned with water and a towel occasionally.  Do not use silver polish.

Any Warranties?  30 day warranty against stem breaking, crystals or glass popping out.  Life-time against tarnishing.

Returns?  Up to 60 days return or exchange.  We will refund entire amount minus shipping.  Free shipping will be charged at $3 on returns where the order does not meet the Free Shipping minimum.